76 railway lamps from the birth of the railway to the present day

A private collection of József Haragovics, in the center of Sopron, at the base of the Fire Tower

Some lamp specialties

Every lamp has a story ...

... that József Haragovics, the passionate collector, personally tells to the visitors.

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Where every lamp has a story ...

About the gallery

For more than 40 years, József Haragovics has collected the pieces of the exhibition using methods that fit the novel. With meticulous work, he renovated every object saved from waste. The lights tell you how the junk is going to be a masterpiece in industrial history.

History of railway lights

The first railway lamps appeared in the 1830s, but they became widespread only after the 1850s. By then, evening and night-time train services had become regular.

In the past 170 years, several types of railway lamps have been used. The most typical ones have been the locomotive headlamp, the end of train lamp, traffic signal lamps and finally, the manual signal lamps.

Initially, candles were used to light the lamps, which was later replaced by oil or petrol. Soon different types of gas lanterns appeared (Petromax, Tilley, Coleman lamps), until eventually electric lamps were introduced.

All these types of lamps can be found in the collection, which displays the lighting technology of 30 countries.

Sopron, Előkapu 7.

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